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Who Are We?

At Frostlands CBD we believe that when buying a local product you don't have to only be supporting one local business. Why not support a few? This is the biggest reason why we use Biomass from a Small Vermont Farm, turn that into Full Spectrum Distillate using a Small Independent Chemist, and partner with Small Local Businesses to use and distribute our products. We believe that through mutually beneficial partnerships we can create a product that is both High Quality and Affordable; with the added benefit of helping stimulate all of our communities economies.

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It All Starts With The Hemp

Our products journey starts in Stannard, Vermont where the Hemp is farmed using organic methods. That Hemp is then Harvested, Dried, and Cured before it undergoes a round of 3rd party testing.

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This Isn't Your High School Chemistry Set

The Biomass is then brought to our partner in Burlington, VT 2Fox Alchemy, where it is put through a carefully monitored process turning it from Biomass (Flower and Sugar/Fan Leaves), to Crude, and finally into Refined Distillate. Along the way Natural Impurities are taken out, and what we are left with is a beautiful Amber Colored Distillate. This carefully crafted Full Spectrum Distillate is then sent to a Third Party Testing Lab, where it tested for Purity and Cannabinoid levels.

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The Final Product

Our small facility in Newport, VT is the final stop for the raw ingredients. Here, all the final products are made in small batches, before being Third Party Tested once again. If need be, the recipes are tweaked so that our final product are as accurate and honest as we can make them. Once this is done, another round of Third Party Tests take place, and then items are packaged, labeled, and shipped.

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